Improve Teacher’s Productivity With School Management System

Improve Teacher’s Productivity With School Management System

Improve Teacher’s Productivity With School Management System

Once upon a time, there were days when teachers were greeted with singing salutations. As they entered their respective classes, students would get up in their places to show respect and prepare themselves for the next lecture.

But with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has changed. It’s just not the automobile industry or the restaurants that are worst affected, in fact, education is equally influenced. Recent research says that nearly 94 percent of learners or 1.58 billion children and youth, from pre-primary to higher education are affected by the pandemic. Now that students and teachers are forced to remain in their houses, the innocence, the experience, the cultural activities, the group discussions, everything seems to fall apart.

And that’s where the world leveraged technology to build school management systems to get over the traditional methods of teaching and implement contemporary learning experiences by bringing the 4 Cs together, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. Of course, as students, you could enjoy the 4 Cs if the world was pandemic free, but now the teachers and educators must find ways to make it happen and give students the experiences they deserve.

While we are all in a difficult phase in life, it’s harder for teachers to get used to this modern era of using computers, the internet, online chat rooms, applications, etc. Dealing with so many applications takes away their time in understanding the functioning of these applications, thus resulting in lesser productivity.

A study shows that the school management system market is anticipated to reach $25.7 billion by 2025. Therefore, in our latest blog, we help you understand how a school management application can help increase teacher’s productivity without having to deal with multiple complicated systems.

How can the School Management System help Teachers?

Effortless Attendance Management

It was not long ago when teachers used a notebook and a pen to register student’s attendance. At the beginning of every period, names were called out, and the attendance was marked.

However, after the pandemic and while we are all housed, is it possible that teachers would call out names and mark attendance of students? Even if they do, how could the process between the teacher and the institution be fluid?

To avoid the technical difficulties and the limitations of online learning, a school app helps teachers to register attendance effortlessly. Unlike the traditional methods of attendance marking, with a school ERP, teachers can mark attendance using the software that can later be modified or viewed for reference.

For any purpose that you want to access your student’s attendance, you can do it with just a single click!

Seamless Communication

Communicating and taking part in a discussion was easier when you are physically present at the school. But when the classes are conducted online, communications becomes a major problem.

Imagine if your class of 50 students talks at the same time, would you be able to calm them through your monitor?

Communication between teachers and students is important. With a school app, teachers can easily communicate with the students and their parents for holistic development. Teachers can manage who to talk to, without sending emails or using any additional messaging software.

In fact, communication is not limited to only students. The teachers can talk to their colleagues, principal, and other subordinates for crucial matters.

Effective Exam Management

Before the pandemic, teachers had to fill in the report card of every student manually and get it signed by the principal or crucial members of the institution. And on the result day, the report cards were handed to the students along with some feedback on their progress and areas of improvement. Sounds like an effective strategy to focus on the future of the students, but teachers had to invest their entire day to talk to students, meet and greet their parents.

Even parents had to plan their day accordingly and spare a few hours from their busy schedule to attend the meetings with the teachers. However, with the latest norm, none of the situation is possible to happen for some time now. So would the institutions stop giving feedback, conduct examinations, and provide report cards?

No, because a school application lets the institution perform all the required activities the same way using the internet technology. Teachers can conduct online examinations, thus simplifying the process of correction for the teachers, too. Institutions can build individual report cards that can be sent through the application to both the students and the parents.

Also, teachers can conduct an online meeting with the students and the parents to discuss the student’s performance and progress. And all of this can be scheduled easily while everybody is safely working from home.

Other important details about examinations like the exam schedule, events, and test dates can be shared with the students using the school management system.

Workable Library Management

Teachers keep themselves updated gathering information from books. But now that we’re stuck at home, how will the teachers update themselves?

With the school ERP system.

The school app has a library of all the books needed. Any moment that teachers feel stuck, they can refer to any book in the app’s library. The school ERP database can be hosted with the E-edition of all textbooks or reference books required by teachers to share their knowledge. Also, at any point that the students feel the urge to refer to some books, they can access the library, too.

With this simple online technology, teachers can access, search, and refer to books with no hassle, thus saving a lot of time, and focusing on tasks that are important.

Hassle-Free Payslips and Personal Information

Never before the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers had access to digital payslips or information about their personal details that are used by the institutions. But with the school app, teachers can check and download their payslips online, fill in tax details, or view and monitor their personal information. And while everything happens online with a school management system, our teachers can save their time and focus more on productive areas.

Easy Assignments and Homework Management

At schools, teachers mostly wrote the homework on the blackboard and the students had to copy it in their notebooks. Similarly, teachers used to write the exam questions, which we used to take down in our answer sheets before writing the answers.

Now that we think about these aspects, don’t you think the process where teachers manually performed most of their activities was time-consuming, hectic, and non-productive?

But with lockdowns around, it is not possible for teachers to set up a classroom environment in their houses and repeat the same cycle over, especially when the students are attending sessions online. Here, a school app comes to the rescue, allowing teachers to simply upload the assignment and homework details on the app. The students and parents can anytime view the details with no hassle and attend to the tasks more effectively.

With a school ERP, teachers can also set reminders to make sure that the students submit their assignments and homework on time.

Is the School Management Application Helpful?

The best feature about the school app is that it takes very little time to perform. Everything that a teacher or a student needs is just a click away. With the introduction of school management systems like Campus On Click, the laborious work of the teachers reduces, which helps to focus on teaching, learning, self development, and student development.

While this one sector was far from adopting technology, with the advent of the pandemic, education systems have changed and adopted technology in one of the best forms. It has not only helped the teachers in simplifying their everyday life, but also made education interactive and fun for the students.

The school applications intrigue parents to take part in their children’s education, which wasn’t very much possible pre-covid, thus giving chances to better education to the students.