How schools are handling the impact of pandemic on education?

How schools are handling the impact of pandemic on education?

We all know the importance of schooling and education for children. But the last two years have been disastrous for the education sector worldwide due to the Covid-19 impact. Needless to say, the Indian education sector has been one of the worst-hit due to more reasons than one.

According to a UNICEF report, around 247 million students from elementary and secondary schools in India were affected due to pandemic-related lockdown imposed in March 2020. The lockdown situation resulted in the closure of approximately 1.5 million schools.

The lockdown compelled the education sector to adopt different modes of distance or remote learning methods, preferably, digital media, which provided the schools and the educators to teach and interact with the students online.

Although schools made conscious efforts to find a fruitful solution in terms of online classes for the students, still the majority of schools found it difficult to adopt or manage as they lacked proper technology infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the government-run schools struggled to tune in to the digital transition, especially in the smaller and rural villages of India.

As per data, till April 2021, around 191 governments shut down K-12 schools due to the pandemic, affecting about 1.6 billion students.

As the pandemic stretched through 2020 and 2021, the need for a smoother, rather organized system has become the need of the hour.

Thanks to school technology solution providers like Campus on Click, the schools were able to manage better with school management systems.

Remarkably, the school management software has been there since 1984, but its benefits were greatly realized during the current pandemic. It has become necessary to change the outdated practices followed in educational institutions to improve the overall performance.

In addition to educational areas, the school management systems are helping schools in handling administrative tasks through advanced organizational and centralized software assistance provided by School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

ERP is a set of tools developed to carry fluid undertaking of day-to-day administrative processes, hence offering faster, efficient and easier technical assistance to manage, update, and store data.

Adapting to school management systems enables schools to overcome the traditional teaching methodologies by implementing contemporary learning experiences, while offering the 4Cs (Communication | Creativity | Critical Thinking | Collaboration). This provides the schools both an opportunity and a challenge to find better ways to implement the 4Cs for the students and help them shine no matter what.

Let us see how the school ERP systems are helping the schools handle their administrative processes smoothly amidst the pandemic. With administrative processes in place, the schools are better positioned to focus on education.


The school ERP system, backed by cloud technology, enables creating multiple administrators who can log in to the system with their credentials. Be it the admin staff, the teachers, or other school personnel, the system allows them to use the system simultaneously without obstructing its functioning with the least technical assistance.

In simple words, different users at different places can use the system without any delay or overlapping. This is probably the biggest advantage of the ERP system with cloud technology that has made it worthwhile for the schools during the pandemic.


The school ERP system, integrated with cloud technology, can help the authorities gather, store, and maintain student data with complete security.

Information related to a student, including name, age, gender, class, and attendance, can be easily organized, stored, and modified as per need.

The system also enables the school app to send automatic reminders to parents regarding any information, like students’ absence from the class, thereby ensuring complete transparency.


With systems in place, there is no need for assigning homework, tasks, or evaluation manually. The school management apps are the perfect way to carry on the learning environment and process the post-learning environment.

Through the school app, teachers can assign tasks, check them online, record the result of the academic progress, and provide their feedback. Since managing the data (store | access | initiate) is centralized, supervision also becomes easier.


While online classes became a routine during the pandemic, conducting exams hassle-free became possible through the school app.

After the students receive the question paper online, they write their answers and submit online using the internet. The teacher can check the answer sheets manually or delegate to the computer for automatic grading.

Once reviewed, the system generates Report Cards based on calculations or certain criteria that the teachers feed into the system. The parents and students can easily see the Report Cards.

The parents can also conduct an online meeting with the teachers regarding their child’s performance and progress.


The school management system makes it easier for parents to pay online and track the details of their payments without visiting the school.

The system's notification or payment section enables parents to track any payment-related information easily.

The school app helps parents check for pending dues, review paid history, and make timely or advanced payments.

The school ERP system, being a centralized app, securely stores the details of payments and makes the whole process easier and transparent.

Last but not least, the school ERP system helps keep all the stakeholders (school, students, and parents) connected. Any information is passed on to all associated with the system, keeping everyone on the same page. Since the data storage is centralized, the chances of delay or error are minimal.

With so many advantages, the school ERP system is helping various small, medium and large schools across India to manage their operations smoothly while continuing to provide education to their students.

If you are in any way associated with a school that has still not adapted to the ERP system, you can connect them to Campus on Click – a smart school management system with cutting-edge ERP features for end-to-end school operations management.